The Siamo Condo Project was inspired by the client’s interest in the rustic character of the Historic Richmond warehouse  and his extensive collection of modern art and sculpture.  Two historic, three story warehouse buildings were restored to their original open plan to house a modern condo, clad in steel, glass, slate and granite on a  backdrop of exposed brick, heavy timber structure and historic wood windows.  A penthouse addition to the upper story creates a third level to the home, offers dramatic views of the Richmond skyline.  Clad in glass and steel, the penthouse provides a second living area with kitchen and living area, overlooking an extensive outdoor deck, four stories over the street below.  Two skylight capped stair shafts pierce through the floors, connecting the penthouse and lower floors with custom steel and granite stairs and bringing light into the lower levels of the unit.  The stairs, formed of thinly cut plate steel stringers support massive granite treads with open risers in a play of mass and light.  The stairs are prominent in the grand second floor living space, stretching the full length of the buildings, providing room for dining, living and entertaining space. Modern art, sculpture and furniture modestly adorn the space, cleanly defining the various living spaces in an otherwise open plan.  Adjacent to the great room, is the fully custom, modern kitchen, with custom walnut cabinetry, marble countertops and cutting edge stainless steel appliances. The warm walnut floors in living areas transition abruptly into the cool granite slabs in the kitchen and baths. The modern features are consistent throughout the home, from the thin crisp walnut trim around the doors to the recessed ribbon lighting in the clean white ceiling.  However, the ornate historic facade of the building modestly conceals a truly beautiful modern living space from the rich historical fabric of downtown Richmond.