Stove Works 

Originally the Southern Stove Works, the four buildings on site were built for the production of cast iron stoves. Recently, they have been mainly used for storage purposes and as a printing shop.

We reconfigured the site as a residential community centered around a courtyard that will house the swimming pool and hot tub. There are 187 apartments ranging from efficiencies to 1,200 two-story loft units. The main entrance is tucked between two buildings.  A custom steel canopy runs the length of the entry tucked between the two buildings leads to the main lobby to the buildings.  This space has the elevators, mailboxes, access to the clubhouse, fitness center, and storage units. Each of the residential buildings are different construction types.  

Building one is made of steel trusses with a light monitor running the length of the building.  Each unit in this building has exposes, trusses, ceilings, concrete floors, and brick walls.  Many units have lofts with stainless steel rails with frosted glass guards.  The upper units are tucked in the light monitor.  

Building two is a brick building with large wood beams and columns.  The wider portion of the building has a light well cut through the center units that would otherwise have no light.  The center units were rotated emphasizing the beams and columns.  Each unit has new bamboo flooring, exposed brick walls.  The upper floors have exposed ceilings.

Building three is a brick building with wood roof decking and steel columns.  A portion of this building has direct access to the pool area.  

The courtyard pool is tucked between two buildings providing access to majority of the units and privacy from the street.  The cabana at the pool serves as pool storage and a serving area for tenant use.  The pool has a swimming area that has a waterfall, and benches with an integrated swim lane, and hot tub.