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We are dedicated to creating buildings that support the continued growth of our cities. Either with newly constructed buildings - filling in the vacant lots within city fabric or renovating existing buildings. Both use existing city services, roads, schools, etc, thereby helping to create responsible development.

Rehabilitation of existing buildings is not only the ultimate recycling, it is a way to preserve the luster of the past while providing value for the future. Our new buildings are designed holistically; each piece of the design is meaningful to the whole while mindful of its environment.

Most of all, we believe that a strong culture of collaboration is at the heart of who we are as a firm.

Adaptive Reuse

The rehabilitation of historic structures has always been at the heart of the WPA. The driving force behind our rehabilitation philosophy is to find joy and interest in each building.

Our interventions into these structures are usually modern, clean forms as a counterpoint to historic buildings. We have worked with the Federal and State Tax Credit programs for the last twenty-five years and have successfully ensured our clients' success.

Illustration of Adaptive Reuse

New Construction

Most of our new construction projects are urban infill, mixed-use buildings with a high residential component. Working within the existing street grids and city fabric, we endeavor to make the architecture of our era that will stand the test of time.

We help bring to life wood, concrete, and light gauge steel structures while striving to maintain a cost-competitive development.

Illustration of New Construction

Modern Houses

To maintain our sense of scale, we endeavor to create a couple of unique houses every year.

A portion of these are built within historic structures, some new construction, but we work to transform our client's ideas into a beautiful and livable house.

Modern house illustration

Interior Design

We began our interiors work to complement the buildings that we build or renovate, creating leasing offices, clubhouses, and other amenity spaces. Over time we have branched out into designing restaurants, single-family houses, and offices.

We see interior design as integral to the architecture; each discipline must complement one another to create a holistic final product.

Illustration of Interior Design Concepts